niceNobodyTM Tutorial

Tracking the real name of Internet account holder easily while sustaining privacy.

Software Suite

niceNobodyTM software suite contains the following software to be used by different entities ~

  • niceID - to be used by individuals for generating niceIDTM. It is generic for all niceRaker® Internet applications including niceNobodyTM, niceLogonTM, niceMail®, niceCloudTM, nicePayerTM, niceRemitTM, nicePayTM, niceSealTM, etc.

  • niceRealInfo_bank - to be used by banks for providing bank account holders' niceIDTM to the public.

  • niceNobody_isp - to be used by info service providers for authenticating Internet account holders' identities with their niceIDTM.

  • niceRealInfo_govRecord - to be used by government record agencies (driver license, passport, etc.) that have records of individuals' date of birth for verifying age requirement.

  • niceRealInfo_govService - to be used by government service agencies (fishing license, survey, etc.) for providing services via Internet.

  • niceNobody_center - to be used by national government agency for managing niceNobodyTM system such as issuing software licenses, ensuring validity of servers, etc.

Simplifications of Tutorial Software Package


For the purpose of easy evaluation to get an idea of overall operation, this version of tutorial software package is simplified as the following  ~

  • To eliminate hassles of installing database product, xml files are used for small amount of data.

  • To eliminate hassles of setting up real servers, servers may use 'localhost' instead of registered domain name so that the complete software suite may run on a single computer.

  • Verification of the initial servers' niceIDTM is omitted.

  • Mechanism of repressing denial-of-service attack is omitted even if communication protocols are designed for easier processing.

  • Backing up and reinstalling servers' niceIDTM is omitted.

  • niceIDTM may be regenerated as often as needed and become effective immediately to enhance the security. This feature is omitted.

  • All software only run on computers under Windows*, has been verified with Windows 7 & 8.

  • Porting individuals' niceIDTM among different hardware such as computers, mobile phones, etc. is omitted.

  • subNiceIDTM to be used for minors for tying to guardians' niceIDTM is omitted.

  • Mechanism of disaster-proof without losing vital data for server is omitted.

* Windows is a trademark of Microsoft.

Diagram of Tutorial Major Steps

With built-in automatic processes to the extreme, niceNobodyTM software allows users to operate sophisticated functions with minimum efforts.

Summary of Actions For Getting Ready To Track Down The Real Name

After entering account info, a few clicks may make the system effective.

niceRealInfo_bank: 1 action with 1 click (e-mail activation info)
niceID: 2 actions with 2 clicks (activate niceNobodyTM; provide info to ISP for getting niceIDTM.)
niceNobody_isp: 1 action with 1 click (query niceIDTM and authenticate the identity of account holder.)

Activate niceNobodyTM

Authenticate Identity

  • niceIDTM Info including Client's bank account ID is sealed so that no any private info is revealed to ISP. Only the targeted Bank can access the sealed info for providing the associated Client's niceIDTM.

  • niceNobodyTM only needs to be activated once with one Bank. Other banks may query Client's niceIDTM and authenticate Client's identity as an ISP.

Tracking Down The Real Name If Necessary

Authenticate Identity, Qualify Age

After govRecord (passport, driver license) queries Client's niceIDTM from Bank and authenticates the Client's identity, ISP may qualify Client's age with govRecord and queries Client's niceIDTM from govRecord instead of Bank.

  • Age qualification info including Client's passport or driver license ID is sealed so that no private info will be revealed to ISP. Only the targeted government agency can access the sealed info for qualifying the Client's age.

  • ISP only receives the result of age qualification at the checking time without knowing Client's date of birth.

Providing Government Services via Internet

With Date of Birth

Without Date of Birth

  • govRecord may be used for setting up new govService accounts even if without date of birth.


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